Apex Electrostatic Finishing, Conyers

Electrostatic painting is a highly efficient technology for the application of paint to specific workpieces. Negatively charged atomized paint particles and a grounded workpiece create an electrostatic field that draws the paint particle to the workpiece, minimizing overspray.

Any material that can be atomized can accept an electrostatic charge, regardless of the coating conductivity. The workpiece must be groundable.

One good example is school lockers, as overspray onto newly polished floors or freshly replaced ceiling tiles would cost the school more time, work, and expense. Using our painting technique, the lockers act like a magnet, attracting the paint sprayed from the electrostatic gun directly to their own surface.

Apex Paint and Decorating not only paint old lockers to look like new again, but we can repair your existing lockers. New lockers are installed when repair isn’t cost efffective or school growth has made it necessary. We have availability to a wide supply of replacement locker repair parts and new locker styles.

Metal and some wooden pieces can be painted electrostatically, but plastic, rubber, ceramic, and glass can not.

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