In today’s world technology has developed and manufactured so many different paints and coatings its difficult to pick the right one unless you have the experience with both the selection and application.

Apex Paint and Decorating has watched the development of these paints and coatings over a thirty year period and has the experience to know which ones work and which ones are best suited to your project..

Properly selected and properly applied, modern paints last for years and provide a low maintenance and cost effective protective covering for nearly every surface out there.

The proper application is as important as the the proper selection. At Apex Paint and Decorating we take the training of our people very seriously because we know that a great paint or coating improperly applied is very costly to remove and re-apply if done wrong

Our people are trained to use everything from epoxy paints that have to be mixed with a catalyst just right, to modern high tech long chain polymer paints that are tricky to apply but provide a fantastic environmentally friendly and beautiful protective coat if done right.

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